Knowledge and Practice of Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions among Community Pharmacists in Ilorin, North-Central, Nigeria

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Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Practice


Background: Pharmacovigilance (PV) is the universal collation of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) intended to enhance the understanding of safety of medicines globally. Reporting of ADRs by healthcare professionals is vital for the success of PV. Objectives: To examine knowledge and practice of reporting of ADRs among community pharmacists (CPs) in Ilorin. Materials and Methods: A cross sectional survey was carried out using self-administered questionnaire developed for the purpose of the study among CPs present at their monthly meeting in March, 2016. Results: Majority of the CPs were male (15 CPs; 78.95%), mean age of 46.06 years and duration of practice ranged from 2 to 30 years. Almost half of the CPs (47%) had no additional formal training and virtually all the CPs (84%) would like training on ADRs reporting. More than half of the CPs (58%) never reported ADRs identified from patients and one-fifth would only report when certain that the reaction was caused by the drug. CPs expressed concerns in reporting such as non-availability of ADR reporting yellow forms. Conclusion: The study revealed moderate reporting of ADRs among CPs and suggests the need for appropriate and timely trainings of CPs on the reporting of ADRs and access to resources for proper reporting of ADRs. Larger studies are recommended to corroborate and further explore the findings of the study. ___________________________________________________________________________ Key words: Adverse Drug Reactions; Pharmacovigilance; Spontaneous Reporting; Community Pharmacists; National Pharmacovigilance Centre; NAFDAC


An Interventional Study on Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions as part of Pharmacovigilance in North-Central Nigeria


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Bello et al., 2018