English Language Teachers’ Motivation for Career Advancement in Nigeria: the Place of Desire for Acquisition of Innovative Skills

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Nigerian Association of Teachers and Researchers in English as a Second Language (with National Office at the Department of General Studies, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta)


Career advancement should normally include desire for increased job efficiency. Many English Language teachers go for further studies yearly in form of in-service programmes. So, it should be expected that such teachers’ teaching expertise would be upgraded and updated through participation in staff development programmes. But the perennial mass failure of Nigerian students’ performance in major examinations does not portray the innovativeness and pedagogic efficiency expected of the English Language teachers that have gone for further education. This survey was thus carried out on two hundred English Language teachers in their final academic session of in-service courses to determine the place of desire to learn new techniques in their motivation for enrollment in such a major career development scheme. Frequency counts, percentages and bar charts were employed in analyzing data collected through copies of a self-constructed and validated seventeen-item questionnaire. These were used in answering two research questions: What is the degree of the quest for acquisition of innovative pedagogic skills in English Language teachers’ motivation for in-service training? Do the in-service English Language teachers believe that their students can benefit from innovative language teaching strategies? The findings reveal that quest for acquisition of innovative skills ranks low in the teachers’ reasons for enrolling in in-service education programmes and their attitude to innovative practices in language teaching is generally poor because they doubt that their students’ performance in the subject could respond positively to any innovative language teaching strategies.


Peer reviewed


career advancement, in-service teacher education programmes, innovative language teaching techniques, teacher beliefs


10. Olatunji, S.O. (2015): English Language Teachers’ Motivation for Career Advancement in Nigeria: the Place of Desire for Acquisition of Innovative Skills. English Language Teaching Today; A Journal for Teachers of English and Communication Skills 12:52-64