E-Attendance System using Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle Simulation

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University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania


This study provides a unique insight to computerization of attendance registration system with the exploitation of Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle technology. The development of this software originated from the importance of records of students’ attendance that influences academic accomplishments in higher institutions of learning. The traditional way of storing and accumulating records is always liable to different degrees of difficulties in accessibility, unsafe, maintenance discrepancy, human errors and frauds. The recommended software overcomes the inadequacy challenges of the work-intensive manual system in registering students’ attendance records. In this application, Hypertext Pre-processor and My Structure Query Language were used as back-end design, while Hypertext Markup Language, Bootstrap Cascading Style Sheet, and JavaScript were exploited as front-end tools. The web system was connected with database of the records inherent in the remote server. The web system also allowed the application to be mobileresponsive, thereby making it easier to explore for both lecturers and the students. It spontaneously calculated the percentage of students in attendance. The application is not only secured, fast in process, very efficient and reliable, but also reduced pen and paper consumption in comparison with the unsecured manual approach.



apache server, manual paper-related, lecturers students’ records, web-based