Effective communication and organizational profitability: evidence from selected retail outlets in lagos state, nigeria

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Ibrahim babangida university, Lapai


The Nigerian business environment has been opened to the outside world, hence, organizations that cannot convey the message of its products to the consumers may be priced out of markets. The inability of organizations to effectively communicate their products have confirmed to reduce their income level thereby leading to a low profitability. This is partly due their inability to effectively communicate their business to their consumers of their products or service. These are attributable to factors such as poor and ineffective communication between the producer using detailed questionnaire and analysed. With an R2 of 51.9, it posits that 51.9 percent of profitability level are determined by effective communication. The study revealed that existence of effective business communication in an organization has a positive effect on goal achievement; enhancement of customer patronage and overall business development and this will lead to organizational profitability. The study therefore recommend that business should put in place effective communication system that will help in achieving higher rates of returns which will lead to higher profit.



effective communication, organizational profitability, retail outlets