Development of Abrasive Sandpaper Grains from Agro-Waste Material for Polishing of Wood Surface.

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Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State Nigeria


In Nigeria, natural and some synthetic abrasive grains used in manufacturing of sandpaper such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate mineral are scarce and expensive. The aim of this paper focused on development of sandpaper grains from agricultural waste material (Coconut shell) and resin (binder) for smoothening of wood surface. Sieving analysis was conducted in particle sizes of P40 (420 μm) and P60 (250 μm) sandpaper grit size (according to Federation of European Producers of Abrasive standard). The Physical and Mechanical properties were determined and compared with properties of conventional products (P60 and P40 Garnet Paper). Surface finish assessments were carried out with visual inspection on selected wood. The result from elemental composition analysis showed that the produced sample grains contain some hard ceramic materials needed for effective polishing or surface finishing. The physical and mechanical properties of the grains samples were found to have close properties with the standard conventional sand paper. Hardness and compressive strength of Coconut shell (CNS) grains/resin composites samples increased with increase in polyester resin concentration. Samples made from 250 μm sieve size showed better mechanical properties than the corresponding samples from 420 μm sieve size. The wear rate of CNS/resin composites was also found to increase with increase in load (40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 g) and temperature (50 and 150 oC. Also, result from visual examination shows that the CNS specimens contribute to high material removal but not smoother due to grain sizes considered for this study.



Abrasive grains, Sandpaper, Polishing, Eco friendly, wear properties, Coconut shell


6. Ibrahim H. K., Abdulhamid A.S., Abdulkareem, S., Shuaib-Babata, Y. L., Popoola O. T., Kareem, A.G., Adeyi A. M., Busari, O. Y., Ambali, I. O. (2019): Development of Abrasive Sandpaper Grains from Agro-Waste Material for Polishing of Wood Surface. Adeleke University Journal of Engineering and Technology (AUJET). 2(1); 48 – 60.