Mental health of Adults in Kwara State Nigeria during COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown

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College of Health Sciences, University of Ilorin


The emergence of COVID-19 did not only affect the health of people but also negatively affected their socio-economic situations in most cases, with a resultant effect on their mental health. This study aimed to assess the well-being and mental health of adults in Kwara State Nigeria during the period of covid-19 lockdown, and the factors associated with the presence of psychiatric morbidity.  The study was a cross-sectional online-community survey done in the first two weeks of October 2020. A structured questionnaire was used to obtain socio-economic variables, world health organization WHO wellbeing index (WHO-5), Patient health questionnaire (PHQ-2), and generalized anxiety disorder questionnaire (GAD-7) to assess general wellbeing, depressive symptoms, and anxiety symptoms respectively. Data was analyzed using the statistical package for social sciences SPSS 20. Descriptive and inferential statistic was done, level of significance was set at P <0.05 and confidence interval at 95%. Four hundred of the filled forms were complete and analyzable. The mean age was 41.82 ± 10.8 years. Majority of the respondent were healthcare workers among whom 25% were frontline workers in the management of COVID-19. About 8% reported low well-being, 7.3% and 16.5% were positive for anxiety and depressive disorders respectively. Young age, single marital status, and unemployment predicted poor well-being. Male gender, young age, unemployment, polygamous family setting, and inability to get government relief package (palliative) predicted anxiety disorder while the inability to get palliative also predicted the development of the depressive disorder.  This study found that Covid-19 negatively affected the wellbeing of the populace and a sizeable number developed psychiatric morbidity. It is recommended that government provide adequate financial and psychosocial support to its citizen during a pandemic period to reduce the development of psychiatric complications. 



Covid -19, Anxiety, Depression, Well-being, Kwara State


BUHARI OIN , Ogunmodede AJ, Adegunloye OA, Sulyman D, Bolarinwa OA (2022): Mental health of adults in Kwara State, Nigeria during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Tropical Journal of Health Sciences. 29 (3); 1-7