Determinants of Hypertensive Patients Adherence to therapeutic regimen in Hospitals of Kwara State, Nigeria

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Bayero Journal of Nursing and Health Research


Hypertension is serous public health issues in both developed and developing Countries while compliance and adherence to medication is a challenge among hypertensive patient. this study assessed determinants of compliance and adherence of Hypertensive patients to therapeutic regimen. A descriptive study design was adopted in this study and a total sample size for this study was 304. A multi-stage sampling methods was used to drawn respondents from three senatorial districts of Kwara State. A standardize tools was employed for data collection based on the WHO and CDC cretarials and the data collect was analyzed using SPSS computer software. the results revealed tha knowledg, perception, coping pattern and level of compliance influenced hypertensive patients adherent to therapeutic regimens in hospitals of Kwara State, Nigeria. this study concluded that knowledge (0.035), perception, copping pattern and level of compliance (P-value 0.05) influenced adherence of hypertensive patients to therapeutic regimen in hospitals in Kwara State. the study recommended that health education on the risk of hypertension, regular use of drugs and life style modifications, importance of and adherence to therapeutic regimen should be encouraged in hospitals of Kwara State.



Adherence, Coping pattern, Hypertentive patient and Knowledge of therapeutic regimen