Major Emerging Viral Zoonosis Reported in Nigeria: A Review

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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Abuja, Nigeria


This review paper is aimed to provide comprehensive information on emerging and re-emerging viral zoonoses, factors contributing to the emergence and re-emergence of these diseases and prevention and control measures against these viral zoonotic diseases. Emerging zoonoses like avian influenza, ebola virus disease and Lassa fever are those infections, in which the incidence in humans and animals have either increased during the last two decades or threaten to increase shortly. Re-emerging zoonoses like rabies are those that have reappeared after a significant decline in their incidence. Emerging and re-emerging diseases are causing devastating effects nationally and internationally, with millions of people infected and billions of money spent. The factors contributing to the emergence and re-emergence of zoonoses are viral adaptation, antigenic drift and shift, climatic conditions, international travel, globalization and trade. To prevent both human and animal deaths and to avoid potential economic burdens associated with emerging and re-emerging viral zoonotic diseases, there should be good control and prevention methods for these diseases such as good epidemiological survey, improved diagnostic facility, avoidance of global warming and working in collaboration with all stakeholders.



Emerging, Re-emerging, Viral Zoonoses, Nigeria