Counselling as a tool for promoting peaceful co-existence in Nigeria

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Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counselling


This paper highlights the usefulness of counselling as a tool for promoting peaceful co-existence. In every society, people are bound to live together irrespective of differences in terms of beliefs; gender and ethnicity. Crises such as domestic violence, ethnic conflicts, ethno-religious conflicts, and land/boundary conflicts are common in Nigeria as a result poor management of the nation’s diversity. It is therefore necessary to explore ways by which counselling could serve as a tool of promoting peaceful co-existence in Nigeria. Counselling is a helping relationship which focuses on modification of human behaviours and thus professional Counsellors provide some services in order to promote human development. This paper therefore highlights ways by which counselling can be employed in conflict prevention, management, resolution, and transformation, It discusses concept of conflict, types of conflicts and counselling as a tool of conflict prevention, management, resolution and transformation. It is suggested that, governments should established counselling centres or units in local government areas as applicable to medical and health services.



Counselling, Tool, Promotion, Peaceful co-existence