Vertical Lines as Creative Resource in Cityscape Painting

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Published by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria


Cityscapes have been and still are a source of inspiration for artists. It has been rendered in realistic, stylised and abstracts forms. However from the literature reviewed attention has not been directed strictly to the implied vertical linear features in the cityscape. In exploring the aesthetic visual elements of the cityscape the paper was guided by the objectives which were to capture the visual elements of the cityscape in vertical lines possibly to explore the diverse dynamic qualities in painting. To achieve this, the participant observation method (POM) and studio experimental method were used through which on the spot drawings and digital photographs were taking of Zaria metropolis. In analysing the data, paintings were executed in three categories of the realistic, semi abstract and total abstraction. It was discovered that a reduction of realistic cityscapes into vertical lines brings out their intrinsic aesthetic quality



Vertical Lines, Cityscape, Aesthetic, Creative, Painting