Primary school teachers’ knowledge of learning disabilities in Ilorin-west local government, Kwara State

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General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka


This study examined the primary school’s teachers’ knowledge of learning disabilities in Ilorin West Local Government, Kwara State. The study was a descriptive design of survey, a sample of 150 primary schools were selected using simple random procedure out of a total population of 1,837 primary school teachers` in Ilorin West Local Government Area. A 10 items researchers designed questionnaire with psychometric properties of content validity, and 0.65 reliability index was used to elicit the needed data from the respondents. Frequency counts and percentage were used for answering the research questions. The findings of the study showed that; majority (62.67%)of the teachers did not know that head injuries, nutritional deprivation and exposure to toxic substances can contribute to learning disabilities. Also a good percentage (51.3%) of the teachers did not know that children with learning disabilities do have problem understanding body language and facial expression. Based on the findings, it was among others recommended that the school authorities should employ professional educational psychologists to teach the teachers about class management with a view to decreasing distraction for pupils with learning disabilities



Teachers’ Knowledge, Learning Disabilities, Facial Expression, Nutrition