A Historical Appraisal of the Celebration of Ileya ('Id Al-Adha) Festival in Ilorin Emirate in Contemporary Time

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Department of History and International Studies, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.


Culture has been described as totality of Man including his religion. However, with the adoption of foreign religions in Nigeria like Islam and Christianity, there is modification of cultural practices. Interference of culture in the practice of religions is noticeable and vice versa. This paper which discusses the practice of Ileya festival in Ilorin focuses on the peculiarities that are visible in the celebration of Ileya festival by Ilorin Emirate people who are known to be ninety-nine per cent Muslims in nature, practice and population. The method adopted were largely interview, participant observation and text analysis. This paper concludes that within the rules and regulations provided by Islam, the Ilorin people use the the occasion and the meat sharing to advance peaceful co-existence and unity among the indigenes and non-indigenes, Muslims and non-Muslims in the Emirate.



Ileya, Ilorin, Culture, Emirate