Financial meltdown on the capital market: A study of the Nigerian stock market exchange.

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Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review,.Taiwan Institute of Business Administration


A major engine of economic growth and development of any nation is its capital market. Until quite recently. the Nigerian capital market was the toast of many enlightened Nigerians both home and abroad. This research study investigated the impact of financial meltdown on the capital market with particular reference to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). In carrying out the study. survey research design was adopted and thirty (30) observations were drawn each from the periods before the crash and after the menace. Using Z test statistical analysis, two hypotheses tested with respect to NSI-I All Share lndex (ASI) and market capitalisation were rejected implying that the tests were statistically significant. On the contrary, the hypothesis tested on NSE market turnover was accepted meaning that the observed difference in the values was statistically insignificant. Similarly, using market model, it was discovered that there were significant changes in individual quoted securities and expected returns in the period under consideration. Above all, the findings of the study revealed that the financial meltdown impacted negatively on the operational performance and efficiency of the Nigerian stock market. lt was recommended that the Nigeria government should inject physical cash into the stock market as a way of bail out in order to restore the lost confidence in the market and also the investors and stock market operators should play the games according to the rule.



Nigerian Stock Exchange All Share Index Financial Meltdown Bubbles Crashes