Management of Asthma in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian Perspective

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Pan African Thoracic Society


Asthma is a very common respiratory disorder with rising prevalence rates worldwide. The advances in our understanding of its pathogenesis and introduc tion of new medications in its management have not been of much benefit to most patients in Africa. This is due to various complex and interrelated reasons such as lack of proven diagnostic and monitoring facili ties, inadequate knowledge of current management of asthma by doctors, poor compliance by patients, use of traditional medicines of unproven efficacy, fake/substandard drugs, and lack of locally designed guidelines based on local resources. The solutions to these problems require the full participation of all. Governments need to provide the appropriate envi ronment for the care-givers and patients; on the other hand the care-givers need to update themselves on the current management of asthma, while the patients need to take the treatment of their illness seriously and also develop a strong management partnership with their care-givers.