Impact of Globalization on the Economic Security of African Countries

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Lapai International Journal of Administration


Globalization, both as a concept and process is very central to the development of nation-states in the contemporary international system having promoted massive movement of fund, goods and services across the globe from where states benefit. However, globalization has different effects on the participating states by giving economic security and financial prosperity to those who are able to compete favorably in the process while impoverishing other countries that are less competitive. This paper appraised the impact of globalization on the socio-economic development of African countries. Findings of the study, which was anchored on secondary data, were that globalization has lifted many African countries from shackle of absolute poverty and positively enhanced their efforts at achieving sustainable development. Conversely, the process has undermined development efforts in Africa due to many factors that included unjust global trade rules, weak technical know-how and dilapidated social infrastructure. It is concluded that though globalization has relatively enhanced the economic security of some African states that have the capacity to compete in the process, the development process in many African countries are largely threatened by stunted growth, protracted civil war and economic insecurity. In spite of its huge marginalization from the globalization process, Africa should not delink from the process because no nation can escape from it; especially within the contemporary Uni-polar neo-liberal world order that has inescapably coerced developing countries into the Globalization process. Africa should fix her dilapidated infrastructure and seek mutually rewarding trade relations with her development partners to guarantee sustainable development within the globalization process.



Globalization, impact, development, economic, security.