Perception of HIV screening among students of a Nigerian University

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The Tropical Journal of Health Sciences


HIV/AIDS continues to be an urgent public health challenge all over the world, particularly developing countries. This study was carried out know the perception of students on HIV screening, and their attitude towards undergoing the test. In this cross-sectional survey involving undergraduates in a Nigerian University, 300 self- administered questionnaires were collected and analyzed. Despite the high level of awareness HIV/AIDS (n=284; 94.7%), only 16% (n=48) actually knew their HIV status. Seventy percent (70%; n=210) were willing to undergo the test if offered free-of- charge. A large number (n=284; 94.7%) believed that the higher institutions of learning are high risk communities, and that students by extension are at risk (n=254; 84.7%); and hence 77.3% (n=232) believed students should be screened for HIV. A review government policy on payment for HIV screening among high risk population is still very essential, and an enabling environment created to encourage maximum participation. The study and similar studies may be useful to institutions when considering HIV screening for students or workers, after a careful consideration of the adverse economic and social impact of its implementation and the circumstance which the test results may be used.



HIV, Perception, Screening, Students