Student Web Self-Service Portal for a Tertiary Institution

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Covenant Journal of Informatics & Communication Technology (CJICT)


The optimum condition for students to study is in an environment where they can access virtually all they need to know about courses, lecturers, locate places (for fresh and prospective students), validate staff identity, access past examination questions easily, identify vacant student hostels within and outside the school premises. Some of the reasons for students’ failure can be attributed to finding accommodation within or outside the school premises. Also, fresh students find it difficult to locate specific places in the university environment and some students find it very difficult to interact with staff. This paper presents a student self-service portal to address some of these challenges. Unified Modeling Language (UML) was used to model the system. The model was implemented using Microsoft C#, Microsoft, Microsoft SQL Server, and Google Map. The proposed system was tested and the result obtained during the execution shows that the system is capable of addressing some of the challenges confronted by students.



Web Self-Service; Portal; Students; SQL; Unified Modeling Language (UML)