Writing from the margin: Religion, Culture and Feminist Discourse in Abubakar Gimba’s Sacred Apples

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IUG Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (IJHASS), Islamic University College, Ghana


By employing liberal feminist theory, this paper discusses how religion and culture constitutes a limitation to feminist movement in Abubakar Gimba’s Sacred Apples. The novel is set in a society where the practice of polygamy appears to be a major setback for emancipation of womenfolk. Since literature aesthetically portrays the series of predicaments in society, it is extremely useful to the recourse to the information provided by literary texts and see how people could be made to be conscientiously aware of the problems. The objective of the paper has been to bring into fore the wealth of information on gender discourse in a feminist literature by a Northern Nigerian writer. The study of Abubakar Gimba’s text will likely provide a novel perspective about Islam, society and women education. A combination of Islam and traditional culture imparts the lives of the characters.



Gimba,, emancipation,, feminist movement,, Islam,, feminist theory,, male-feminist,, Northern Nigerian,, Polygamy,, Sacred Apples,, Women education,, womenfolk