A review of algorithm for fingerprint image acquisition, preprocessing and minutiae extraction

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Ilorin Journal of Science


Biometric recognition distinguishes between individuals using physical, chemical or behavioral attributes of the person. These attributes are called biometric identifiers or traits, and include fingerprint, palmprint, iris, face, voice, signature, gaint, and DNA among others. Fingerprint recognition is one of the oldest and most reliable biometric used for personal identification. Fingerprint has come a long way from tedious manual fingerprint matching. The ancient procedure of matching fingerprints manually was extremely cumbersome and time-consuming and required skilled personnel. In this paper, a review of algorithms for the various stages involved in fingerprint recognition such as fingerprint image acquisition, segmentation, normalization, ridge orientation estimation, ridge frequency, Gabor filtering, binarization, thinning, minutiae extraction, template generation, and template matching is presented. It was established that minutiae features of a person fingerprint truly make fingerprint of individual to be unique.



Biometric; Fingerprint; Algorithm; Filtering; Minutiae