The Presentation of Islam and Muslims on Global Media

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University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia and The International Islamic University Malaysia


The contemporary global economy and the role of the global media in shaping people’s opinions towards its accommodations have great implications for Muslims’ culture, values and images, considering the secularizing tendency of the project on one hand and pejorative portrayal of Muslims on the other. By their reach and pervasive nature, global media penetrate all civilizations and alter their entire structures and potencies, by blurring, bending and blending the audiences’ perspectives with the megalomaniac Western values and decimating other perspectives that run counter to them. Most prevalent is their assaults on Islam and Muslims through various informational and cultural framings that have gained sustained prominence in the absence of a credible alternative response system. In views of the implications of the ongoing on the Muslims and the fatality of creating unnecessary division in the already culturally-inclined fragile globe, this paper contributes to the ongoing debate on creation of responsible global media regime, by awakening the stakeholders on desirable roles that will be beneficial to all in the short and long run.



Globalization, Muslim world, Global Media, Muslim Representations, Western values