Entomology in Nigeria: The past, the present and the future

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Entomological Society of Nigeria


Against the backdrop of the evolution of Entomology as an important science which dates back to the establishment of Biology as a field of study, an attempt has been made in this paper to define the relevance of the science of Entomology and to enunciate its essence in the past, its potentials in the present and the prospects for the future with particular reference to Nigeria. Early entomological imprints were typified by the activities of the foundation entomologists which led to the inauguration of the Entomological Society of Nigeria (ESN) in 1965. The monumental roles played by these fore bearers at building the agricultural economy of the newly independent Nigeria positioned agriculture (through appropriate insect pest management) as the main stay ofthe nation's economy at the time. The ESN which started in lbadan as a branch has grown significantly to over 18 branches with over 600 members. The past of Entomology revealed the activities and support of expatriates mainly from Great Britain who provided the much needed national pest management services. However, this past gradually terminated and ushered in the first generation Entomologists between 1960 and 1969 with significant achievements reflected in high agricultural exports in Nigeria. The present era which commenced around 1970s till date is characteristically marked by significant explosion in the number of trained Entomologists, better organized ESN as platform for interaction and communication especially with the outside world and good practice. The future of entomology in Nigeria is very bright but would be moulded positively by several factors including improvement of entomological research funding, better mentoring, resuscitation of moribund research facilities, prominence at the national front and professionalization of the science of Entomology. National Entomologists are therefore encouraged to work hard to reposition insect science in Nigeria in order to shape the nation's collective future.



Nigerian Entomologist, Entomological Society of Nigeria, Cocoa pests, Insect Science, moribund research facilities


Adesiyun, A. A., Omoloye, A. A., & Ojumoola, A. O. (2015): Entomology in Nigeria: The past, the present and the future. Nigerian Journal of Entomology, 31: 55-62