Police Act, Regulations and Female Assignment to Duties in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF)

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


There was a gender-based public perception of job assignment in the Nigeria Police Force. Thus this study looked at the practical duties performed by the policewomen vis-a-vis the stated duties in the Police Act and Regulations. The study was a survey, descriptive, using triangulation method (quantitative and qualitative) and guided by liberal feminism. 385 female respondents were sampled via Z test formula. Lottery method of simple random technique was used to select respondents without replacement from Zone7 (Abuja, Kaduna and Niger states) of the NPF Key informant and in-depth interviews (qualitative) were conducted with officers between the ranks of ASP and DIG. The quantitative data were analysed via SPSS and qualitative data through content analysis. The study reveals that there is no gender specification of duties in the NPF; female officers are not limited to ally duty; irrespective of the gender, only ranks and ability of officers are considered for job assignment. Hence, the study recommended thatPolice Act and Regulations should be reviewed to capture all the duties pelformed by policewomen. To also strengthen equity in the NPF, emphasis should continue to be individual's ability and capacity forjob assignment.



Nigeria Police Force, Police act and regulations, job assignment, Female Police Officer, Gender