Patient Health Education a Process for Patient Empowerment on Self care. Nigerian

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Journal of Health Education


Patients world over are increasingly aware of their right to health care and interested in adequate and appropriate health care services and wellbeing. The patient quest for effective health services has triggered their curiosity to learn and know more about their ill health. Health workers are continually faced with the challenges of meeting and providing patients with sufficient information concerning their health. The health care workers must provide patient opportunities for health information and communication to guide patient decisions for informed choices of action about their prevailing ill health conditions. Health workers particularly the health educators are charged with responsibility of designing means of empowering patient with relevant health knowledge about their illness condition. This paper discussed patient education on his/her illness condition, methods of patient education, conditions that favours patient education. The paper also looked at various factors that influenced patient’s right to choice of care and compliance to treatment regimen, explore strategies to adopt to communicate health information to patient on admission and as out-patient. The paper further discusses measures to encourage patient/family involvement and participation in their treatment and implication of patient education to health education.



Patient Education, Empowerment, Health Education, Determinants of Patient Compliance to treatment