The Impact of the Nigerian Police Force on Crime Control in Cross River State

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Osogbo Journal of Management


The dynamism and complexities of interaction amongst the people in a society gives room for crime. Since independence, Nigeria has been experiencing new set of crime problem in diverse areas of human endeavors, including petty theft, burglary, assault, fraud, armed robbery, kidnapping and terrorism, resulting in threat to security of lives and property. The Nigerian Police was established, amongst other security agencies, to control crime in the country. This paper assessed the impact of the Force on crime control in Cross River State. Finding from the study, which was premised on secondary data confirmed that the Force has recorded moderate achievements in combating crime in the state through efficient intelligence policing, credible beat and patrol system, constant raid of criminal hideouts, crime mapping and inter-agency collaboration, amongst others. In spite of its relative success, the Nigeria Police Force is facing many challenges in its task of combating crime in Cross River State. These challenges include underfunding, inadequate office and residential accommodation, insufficient arms and ammunition, obsolete patrol vehicles, poor communication equipment, shortage of personnel, lack of modern crime fighting equipment, poor welfare packages and corruption amongst its work force. The challenges enumerated above should be addressed. Community policing should also be rejuvenated with better coordination and financial support for effective collaborative policing in order to curtail crime in Cross River State and Nigeria.



police, crime, response, force


Raji, S.A. Hamzat A.A. (2016): The impact of the Nigeria police force on crime control in Cross River State