Haemato-biochemical responses to packing in donkeys administered with ascorbic acid during the harmattan season

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The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science


Experiments were performed to investigate the effect of ascorbic acid (AA) in reducing hemato-biochemical changes in pack donkeys during the cold-dry (harmattan) season. Six experimental donkeys administered orally AA (200 mg/kg) and six control donkeys not administered ascorbic acid were subjected to packing. Blood samples were collected from all donkeys for hematological and biochemical analyses. In the control donkeys, packed cell volume (PCV), erythrocyte count and hemoglobin concentration (Hb) decreased significantly (P<0.05) at the end of packing. In the experimental donkeys, there was no significant difference between the pre- and post-packing values of PCV, erythrocyte count and Hb. In the control donkeys, the neutrophil and neutrophil:lymphocyte ratio increased significantly (P<0.05) post packing, but in the experimental donkeys, the pre- and post-packing values were not significantly different. The eosinophil count increased significantly (P<0.05) in experimental and control donkeys post packing. In conclusion, packing exerted significant adverse effects on the hematological parameters ameliorated by AA administration. AA may modulate neutrophilia and induce a considerable alteration of erythroid markers in donkeys subjected to packing during the harmattan season.




Ascorbic acid,, Biochemistry,, Donkey,, Hematology,, Packing