Plasmid Profile of Multidrug Resistant Isolates from Water and Fish

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Journal of pharmaceutical research, development and practice, University of Ilorin


Plasmids are extrachromosomal genetic material that can replicate independently and usually harbour antibiotic resistance genes. This study evaluated the presence and sizes of plasmid from multiple antibiotic resistant (MAR) isolates from water and fish using acridine orange as a plasmid curing agent. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of acridine orange to the 22 MAR ranged between 0.625 – 5.0 mg/mL. Majority (86.4 %) of the MAR isolates lost their resistant and became susceptible to more antibiotics indicating that their resistance was plasmid encoded. As much as 68.4 % of the isolates had one or more plasmid bands with sizes varying from 1.0 -3.0 kbp. The presence of plasmids - carrying MAR isolates in fish and river may heighten the dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes to the environment which will pose a serious threat to the human health.



Multiple Antibiotic Resistance, Plasmid, Acridine Orange, Plasmid bands