Ideology and Radical Dimension of Olu Obafemi's Wheels

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Ayingba Journal of Arts and Humanities, Kogi State University.


The core of Obafemi’s revolutionary Vision is premised on Marxists perception of society in terms of class structure. Revolutionary vision is a perception of life which aims at changing a prevailing situation and which presents an artistic work for the purpose of achieving the changes envisioned. The notion of revolutionary vision pre-supposes that a particular condition needs a change. In this context, vision refers to “the ability to clearly discern-the pathway through the chaos of social malaise to a better life for society”. (Bamikunle 103). The revolutionary vision of Obafemi's Wheels shares broadly the idea of the radical groups of the l980s. Their idea of radicalism leads to a, focus on governance and the deprivations that it visited on the masses, which Obafemi's radical vision hoped to change through art. This paper is an exploration into the ideology and radical dimension of Olu Obafemi's Wheels.



Ideology, Radical Dimension, Olu Obafemi's wheels, Revolutionary Vision, Marxist Perception