Chemical, functional and sensory qualities of abari (maize-based pudding) nutritionally improved with bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea)

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Ife Journal of Science


Abari (a maize-based pudding) was prepared from five selected formulations of maize-bambara groundnut composite flours generated using central rotatable design of Response Surface Method. A control was also prepared from 100% maize flour. Standard methods were used to determine the functional properties of the various flours as well as the proximate compositions and sensory attributes of abari made from them. Inclusion of bambara groundnut flour caused a significant difference in the swelling index (1.65-2.69 g/g) of the various flours but bulk density (0.76-0.92 g/cm3), oil absorption capacity (0.66-0.88 g/g) and water absorption capacity (1.44-1.59 g/g) were not significantly affected. Protein and ash contents of abari significantly increased with inclusion of bambara groundnut flour. The value of the protein content ranges from 6.21-31.69%. Supplementation of maize with bambara groundnut for abari production generally resulted in improved sensory qualities. Based on the findings, the application of bambara groundnut in the fortification of maizebased African traditional foods can help improve the nutritional status of the African populace without causing adversely impaired rheological and cooking qualities of the products



Abari, Bambara groundnut, Sensory, Protein-energy