Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Integration of M-Learning into Class Instructions in Kwara State, Nigeria

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Science Education International


The mandate of the education system is for the advancement of knowledge, socioeconomic transformation, employment generation, and so forth. Literature is awash with arguments in favour of M-learning in the realization of the core mandate of the education system. This study, therefore, examines the perceptions of the science teachers on integration of M-Learning into science class instructions in Kwara State, Nigeria. One hundred and twenty-nine science teachers from 34 public and 27 private senior secondary schools participated in the study. Stratified and purposive sampling techniques were used to select the schools and the teachers, respectively. Aresearcher-designed questionnaire titled, “Teachers’ Perceptions of M-learning” (TPML) with a reliability coefficient of 0.85, was used for gathering data. Data were analyzed using the t-test statistical tool, and findings from the study revealed that the participating teachers had high perceptions of M-learning and were at the preparation stage of integrating it into class lessons. It was concluded that teachers had favorable perceptions of M-learning and were in vantage position to use M-learning to leverage students’ achievement. It is, therefore, recommended that science teachers should progress from the preparation Stage to the action stage of integrating M-learning into science teaching



M-Learning, Mobile devices, Perceptions, Science teachers, Secondary schools


Bello, G., Alabi, H. I., Bello, Z. A., Bello, I. A., & Sulaiman, M. M. (2022). Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Integration of M-learning into Class Instructions in Kwara State, Nigeria. Science Education International, 33 (3), 335-341.