Effects of environmental factors on construction projects time and cost performance

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Journal of Environmental Spectrum, Published by Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Ilorin, Nigeria


The delivery time and cost of a construction project is a key factor and source of concern to project stakeholders in the Nigerian construction industry. It is apparent that environmental factors are a major contributor to construction time and cost overruns. This study examines the influence of environmental factors on construction time and cost performance in Lagos state. A total of two hundred and forty-one (241) copies of questionnaire were administered on industry practitioners through convenience and snowballing sampling. A total of twenty-six (26) environmental factors were identified and grouped under six categories. The magnitude of the mean scores of each item was adopted to rank them in order of importance. The results of the study revealed that cost of government policy is the most significant factors affecting time overrun with a mean score of 4.7552 followed by project team commitment with a mean score of 4.4772. Similarly, instability in government and importation of materials and equipment are considered as the most significant factors affecting cost overruns. However, the significant factors identified from this study can be used as parameters for developing strategy for reducing the impact of environmental factors on on construction time and cost



Construction, Environmental Factors, Project Delivery, Project stakeholders, Time and Cost Overruns.