Performance Comparison of Transmit and Receive Diversity under Rayleigh Faded Channel Using Extended Alamouti’s Scheme


Diversity techniques have been used over the years to improve the wireless communication links, mitigate fading, achieve higher data rates, and improve channel capacity gains. This paper presents the comparative analysis of transmitting and receive diversity techniques with our proposed extended Alamouti’s scheme using orthogonal space-time block codes (OSTBC) under the Rayleigh faded channel. In this paper, three possible diversity configurations have been considered: multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), single-input multiple outputs (SIMO), and multiple-input single-output (MISO). The model was developed in a Matlab environment and performance comparison was carried out using BER vs SNR. Our proposed model proved that the MIMO system is highly efficient in improving wireless communication links. Also, our proposed transmit diversity scheme with a higher number of antenna arrays achieves full diversity as in receive combining schemes



Diversity Techniques, SIMO, MIMO, MISO, OSTBC, MRC