Building a Spammer Monitoring System Using Heuristic Rule-Based Approach

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International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Centre of Professional Research Publications


Spam is a major problem of electronic mail system that has enjoyed extensive discourse. E-mail has been greatly abused by spammers to disseminate unwanted messages and spread malicious contents. Several anti-spam systems developed have been greatly abused and this is as evident in the proliferation of Spammer’s activities. Observing this fact, a protective mechanism to countermeasure the ever-growing spam problem is indeed inevitable. In this paper, a heuristic approach is proposed which employs a standard normalized Spammer’s languages harvested from Google and Yahoo spam language data set to build the knowledge base. The spam languages were prioritized based on the frequency of occurrence in the two global data sets. A threshold of 5% was established for a user without spamming history while 3% was set for a suspected spammer. A platform independent system was designed and implemented to monitor users’ mail in real time. As soon as the threshold is reached the user will be alerted and the suspected mail will be cancelled. The developed model was evaluated for accuracy and effectiveness using three composed email messages. It is recommended among others that this spam preventive model be incorporated in the architecture of every Internet Service Provider.



Electronic mail; spammer; anti-spam; heuristic; threshold; platform