Mixing Fun with Serious Business towards a Democratic Society in Femi Osofisan’s Yungba-Yungba and the Dance Contest

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Association of Dance Scholars and Practitioners of Nigeria


In most African societies, the process of democracy is marred by nepotism, favouritism, which are the reasons why credible leaders are not installed in position of authority. This paper examines the use of Dance in Femi Osofisan's Yungba-Yungba and the dance contest as a tool for achieving egalitarianism, true democracy and the progressive change our society has been clamouring for. Analytical and descriptive research methodologies are employed in interrogating this work. Arising from the above, our findings amongst others reveal that dance; a non-verbal communicative art is a tool that can be adapted to resolving knotty issues in a crisis laden society. The paper concludes that dance is fun but is serious business in exacerbating true democracy. It is therefore recommended that dance as an art should be promoted and made an integral part of academic curriculum in our institutions of higher learning for the training of future leaders.



Democracy, Dance, academic curriculum, training