Teachers’ preferred pedagogical method in using folktales to curb violence among primary school pupils in Ilorin, N

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Department of Sociology, University of Ilorin, Nigeria


This is a survey research on teachers preferred method in using folktales to curb violence among primary school pupils in Ilorin, Nigeria, the objectives was to determine teachers’ preference in the use of various teaching methods and particularly the one they would prefer when teaching folktales to primary school pupils. The population for the study were twelve primary school from rural and urban part of Ilorin. the teachers used for the study were chosen using systematic random sampled techniques whereas the schools were chooses through the use of stratified sampling techniques. Researchers designed questionnaire was used for the collection of data. Descriptive statistics was used to analysis the five research questions while chi-square was used to analyze the hypothesis drawn from the study. the findings revealed that teachers preferred role-play method for teaching folktales, followed by demonstration and discussion method that could be categorized in order of teachers’ preference. The study therefore recommends among others that role play, demonstration and discussion method should be encouraged for use by teachers to teach folktales so as to curb violence among primary school pupils. This study uses folktale with a view to providing problems solving activities especially in adversarial situation is a useful contribution that would direct or guide our pupils towards acceptable social development.



Curriculum, folktales, pedagogical method, violence