Impact of brand Name on Customers’ Choice in Ilorin Metropolis

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Amity Business School, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India.


It is obvious that, nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more demanding and fickle about product quality expectations, stiffer government regulations on quality standards, rise in consumerism and dwindling disposable incomes. All these challenges require firms to look deep down and come up with a winning strategy to stay afloat. Therefore, this study was conducted to investigate the impact of brand name on consumers' choice in Ilorin metropolis with specific reference to Dangote Flour Mills Plc, Ilorin plant. Descriptive survey design was adopted. A sample size of 163 was conveniently selected through the use of Guilford and Flusher's formula from the population of 274 consumers of Dangote flour who use the brand in bread production. The data collected was analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics; an inference was drawn with the aid of logistic regression through maximum likelihood technique of estimation. The finding of the study revealed that the brand name had a significant positive impact on consumer choice (chi-square estimation: p<0.005) at 0.05 level of significance. Based on the finding it was concluded that brand name has an impact on consumers' choice. The study therefore, recommends that effective marketing strategies and legal means be put in place to protect brand name against dubious counterfeit.



Brand name, Consumer choice, Brand name elements, Brand name strategies