Language and Business

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Every human interrelationship is surrounded with language. There is no activity of man that is devoid of language. Language and man are inseparable the same way life and fresh air are. Just like in every other aspect of human endeavours, the role of language in business cannot be overestimated. Business transaction is believed to thrive when appropriate language use is applied in its day to day activity. This paper investigated the role language plays in business. This study explored how the appropriate use of language can make a business to blossom. The geographical location for the study was Ilorin Metropolis. The data for the study encompassed the conversation secretly recorded during a business transaction between some Igbo traders and their customers. Adding to the data for the study included the questionnaire distributed to selected Igbo business dealers and some customers at Agaka and Qja Tuntun markets, Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State. The analysis of the data for the study engaged the Monogenetic or reflexification theory formulated by Hugo Schuchardt in the late century and was popularized in the late 1950s and early 1960s by Taylor (1961). The outcome of the study included that though language as a phenomenon plays vital role in all human existence, yet application of the appropriate language within the right context, time and place benefits absolutely



Language, Pidgin, Igbo, Business, Ilorin