Parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis of an optimal control model for capital asset management

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Optimal control is a very significant field ofmodern control theorywhich has been applied inmany areas like medicine, science, and finance.Thiswork is based on realization of asset values as a benefit of assetmanagementwhere a capital assetmanagement problem is modelled and expressedmathematically from the perspective of an investorwhose income is generated by return and capital gains on investments with price and return on assets assumed to satisfy uncertainty process. This results in an optimal control model based on uncertainty theory which relates two or more parameters that measures the condition or state of individual’s investments. These parameters enable us to know the condition of risk involved in asset management and how to maintain and manage the assets in order to maximize expected present value of the utility of asset and minimize the risk involved to aid capital investment decision-making. Parameter sensitivity analysis is an approach given to a model so as to define significance of the factors related to the model where the whole parameter space is fully described. However, the model is applied to a real-life problem of capital asset management to deal with debt crisis of a nation’s economy and the sensitivity analysis to determine the effects of the input factors on the model is investigated such that relative significance and sensitivity of each parameter on the model results are presented using parameter estimations. Finally the optimal control decision policy is obtained and discussed.


Advances in Fuzzy Systems 2018, Article ID 4756520, 1 – 11,


Optimal control, parameter estimation,, Sensitivity analysis,, Capital asset management


Latunde and Bamigbola (2018)