Evaluation of Groundwater Level Time-Dependent Variation and Aquifer Characteristics within Sheet 223 Ilorin North-West, Southwestern Nigeria

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Faculty of Physical Sciences, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University


The assessment of groundwater level time-dependent variation and aquifer characteristics has been carried out, aimed at knowing the variation in groundwater elevation at the end of the rainy season and at the peak of the dry season. The time-dependent variation was done by direct in situ groundwater level measurement from eighty existing wells. Aquifer characteristics were determined by using pumping test data of the available boreholes in the area, using a modified Jacob's method. Configuration of groundwater level contours shows that the highest groundwater elevation in the area is 445 m and the lowest is 295 m above sea level. Also, areas with water levels ranging between 1 and 2 m are areas of low water level while areas with water levels ranging between 9.5 m and 11 m are areas of high water level. Transmissivity is estimated to range between 3.49 and 8.50 m2 /day with an average value of [5.61 m2 /day, Hydraulic conductivity range between 2.18 × 10-1 and 7.64× 10-2 m /day with an average value of 1.65 x 101 m /day and Storativity range from 3.45 to 9.15 with an average value of 5.04. Areas with shallow water levels, depicting high potential, are in the southern part while the northern part is an area of low groundwater potential. The average value for Storativity is higher than the assigned limit (0.005-0.00005) for most confined aquifers, indicating that the storage potential of the boreholes is high; hence their recharge potential is high.



Groundwater, Time-dependent variation. Aquifer characteristics,, Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES