Influence of Work Stress on Stability of Marriages

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Faculty of Social and Management of Sociology, Osun State University, Okuku campus, Nigeria


Work performance and invariably stress, has affected quality of marriages especially in Nigeria. This has become a social issue due to the fact that both domains are important aspects of a human life and either one cannot be jettisoned away because they serve different purposes. The main objective of this study was to examine the influence of job stress on the quality of marriage, which includes happiness in marriage and communication in marriage) among married women bankers in Lagos.Participants for this study (N-203) were randomly from prominent banks in Victoria Island and data was obtained through questionnaires and data was analyzed using the regression analysis. Happiness in marriage as well as communication, being indices of marital quality in this study, and were examined separately to establish the influence of job stress on them Findings revealed that the quality of a marriage of the married women bankers in Lagos was influenced by the stress they experience at their places of work. The study recommended that there should be proper management of time at the workplace so that workers can have time for family affairs after work. Also, proper home planning should be arranged so that there would be smooth family/work relationship.



Work, marriages, bankers, Victoria Island