Challenges of Digital Preservation of Manuscripts to the Nigerian Education and Information systems

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Routledge, UK


Knowledge, as the engine that drives human civilizations and existence, must continue to be eternally preserved. However, the challenges that face the achievement of this essential objective have always been daunting. Languages, like all units of human knowledge and culture, need to be preserved and conserved because of their role in human societies. Fortunately, technological advancement has led to innovations in the field of data and manuscript conservation and preservation. This article, therefore, focuses on the digital preservation of manuscripts and the challenges posed to the Nigerian educational and information systems, highlighting the concepts of digital preservation and digital conservation strategies necessary for preserving language manuscripts. The plausibility of strategies such as technology emulation, migration, encapsulation, and restoration was identified. Furthermore, the challenges facing the use of these and other strategies were explored. Finally, the article proposes ways of overcoming the challenges for effective conservation of knowledge and information.



Arabic manuscripts, conservation strategies, digital preservation, educational systems, information systems, Nigeria