Gender-Based Violence: The Role of Counsellors in Handling Victims and Perpetrators

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Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON)


Gender-based violence is a social problem which is spreading like a wildfire in the nation. It is now viewed as a criminal problem with the way it’s being reported in the media of recent. This paper explains the concept of gender-based violence. It discussed the levels of gender-based violence, the forms of gender-based violence and where it can be perpetrated. The paper also highlights the causes of gender-based violence and the consequences it has on the individuals involved. The role of counsellors in handling victims of gender based violence was also discussed. In order to reduce the menace of GBV in Nigeria, suggestions were provided that rehabilitation services should be organized for victims and perpetrators and mass media as well as community campaigns against GBV should be lunched in all the nook and cranny of Nigerian community.



Gender, Violence, Gender-Based Violence, Counselling