Suitability of cow horn as filler in an epoxy composite

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University of Port Harcourt, World Bank Assisted National Agricultural Research Programme (NARP)


This study focuses on assessment of cow horn as filler in an epoxy composite. A particle-reinforced composite was developed using horn particles (HP) and epoxy resin with filler of varying percentage weight (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%. 25%, 30%, 35%, 40 %) at particle sizes of 100 and 150 μm. The composites were developed by hand lay-up technique with varying process parameters. The properties of the developed composites were examined through tensile, flexural and impact tests. The results showed that the tensile properties of the polymers reduced with the incorporation of the cow horn as filler. But at higher curing temperature, a better strength was achieved. Meanwhile, the flexural and impact properties of the polymers increased with the incorporation of the fiber in no particular order. The composite materials with particle size of 100 μm with curing temperature of 80oC exhibited higher tensile (37.58 MPa) and impact properties (74 J) than the lower particles. Generally, the cow horn was found to be a good potential filler in the composite if prepared using higher curing temperature as exhibited through its mechanical properties.



Composite materials, Cow horn, Epoxy resin, Filler and Strength


Ambali, I. O., Shuaib-Babata, Y. L., Alasi, T. O., Aremu, I. N., Ibrahim, H. K.Elakhame Z.U, & Abdulraaman, S. O