Developing Activity-Based Young Farmers' Club Projects for Incorporating into the Senior School Curriculum in Nigeria

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Department of Science Education, University of Ilorin


The purpose of the study was to develop activity-based contents of young farmers' club activities for inclusion in the Agricultural Science Curriculum for Senior School (SS) 1-3. The first two components of Stufflebeam's Context-Input-Process-Product(CIPP) curriculum development models were adopted. The sample and sampling techniques of content developed employed all the projects of the Young Farmers' Club peculiar to Agricultural Science .The research work focused on four Nigerian SS Agricultural Science Curriculum themes of crop production, ornament plants, animal science and agricultural economics and extension. If the contents are adequately implemented by SS agricultural science teachers, the performance of students could improve and the goals of teaching agricultural science to students could be attained by preparing students to be self-efficacy employed, thus reducing over - dependence on white collar jobs.It was recommended that the curriculum developers should adopt/ adapt the contents developed and include them in the agricultural science curriculum for senior secondary school (SS) 1-3.Textbook authors should also incorporate the newly developed contents in the revised edition of the various agricultural science textbooks for SS1-3.



Activity-Based,, Young Farmers' Club,, Curriculum,, Senior School,, Incorporation