Aeromagnetic Mapping of Basinal Structures over Part of Niger Delta, and its Implication for Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation

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Faculty of Science and Science Education, Adamawa State University, Mubi


Aeromagnetic imaging over part of Niger Delta was carried out with a view to interpret the anomalies over the area and to equally delineate the structural features suitable for hydrocarbon accumulation within the study area. Digitized composite aeromagnetic data covering the study area were used in this study. Data enhancement techniques such as second vertical derivative, first horizontal derivative and analytic signal were applied to enhance deep seated structures. Results of the Spectral Analysis revealed that the average thickness of the sediments vary from 4.8 to 10.5 km, large enough for hydrocarbon accumulation. The derivative maps revealed parallel to sub-parallel trending NE-SW fracture zones in the basement underlying the study area, coinciding with the landward extension of the deep oceanic Chain and Charcot fracture zones. Hence, the identified lineaments (faults or lithologic contacts) and structures in the area can be attributed to the tectonic setting of the area and probable migratory routes for hydrocarbon migration



Aeromagnetic, Basement, Lineaments, Euler Deconvolution, Hydrocarbon accumulation