The Importance of Marketing in School Enrolment Progression

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Department of Educational Management, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


The private education sector in Nigeria has become very attractive in the last couple of years with the liberalization of all the levels of education in the country. Private investors in all the levels of education have risen to the occasion and made efforts to fill the vacuum created by inadequate management of public education by the government over the years. Several years way down into their involvement, the game has changed and the practice is no more as inspiring and profitable as it use to be. It is increasingly becoming difficult for some of them to survive the cut-throat competition among schools. This is coming on the heels of visible improvement is the public education sector and a glut in the supply of private education. The paper examined the importance of education marketing in view of the current challenges facing schools in terms of dwindling enrolment and the need for them to fully explore the marketing mix elements in a more strategic way to boost their enrolment progression. It suggested available options to schools that can help them raise awareness of the school programmes and in turn boost enrolment. The paper recommended that, schools should establish marketing units headed by professional education marketers. They must also make substantial budgetary provisions for school marketing campaigns annually.


Journal article on how important it is for schools to market themselves in view of the competition in the sector brought about by liberalistion of Nigerian educational supply.


Marketing Elements, Marketing Mix, Market Offerings, Target Marketing