Proximate Analysis and Sensory Evaluation of Yellow Maize-Based AadunFortified with Soybean Sweetened with Sugar

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Published by Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN)


This study investigated proximate analysis and sensory evaluation of yellow maize-based Aadun fortified with soybean sweetened with sugar. Two objectives were raised and the products were in different percentages of 100% yellow maize used as the control, 90% yellow maize and 10% soybean, 80% yellow maize and 20% soybean, 60% yellow maize and 40% soybean, 50% yellow maize and 50% soybean, 40% yellow maize and 60% soybean with the addition of sugar (47gm), dried pepper (8gm), and palm oil (174gm) at constant rate using (AOAC 2005) method. Nine-point hedonic scale by 20 respondents was used and tested with ANOVA. The result of proximate composition showed ranged for moisture as 9.08% to 9.87%, 4.24% to 5.48% for ash, 18.74% to 19.55% for fat, 2.71% to 3.41% for fiber, 9.75% to 22.26% for protein and 41.25% to 53.76% for carbohydrate. The result of the sensory evaluation showed that sample ASS3 was the most preferred. In conclusion Aadun fortified with soybean and sweetened with sugar can be produce successfully. It was recommended that Aadun fortified with soybean should be introduced as snacks to the consumers at homes in schools and for entrepreneurial and wealth creation in Nigeria



Aadun, Proximate, Sensory, Acceptability, Soyabean, Entreprenurial