Utilizing Islamic Moral Values in Curbing Excesses during Ceremonies.

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Department of social Sciences Education, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.


ABSTRACT The backdrop of this paper has to do with the experience and observation of the writers as regards the manners in which food is being served at ceremonies and the extent to which the guests of the ceremonies treat the excess food being served. This has been noticed and has been a source of concern over the years at different ceremonies in our society, be it burial, naming or wedding ceremonies. There are various categories of people found within the premises where ceremonies are taking place these categories of people are ranked at many ceremonies, and this paper discusses those categories to sensitize the general populace to the right categories of people who should be served food and the right proportion expected to be dish and consumed at ceremonies in other to curb excess food from waste. Islam acknowledges that humans will embark on many actions for survival, among which ceremonies and food are included this is the reason for justifying the above submission with an Islamic Economy perspective. This paper proffers certain tips to curb excess food and prevent waste, it was concluded that whether rich or poor the time has ripe to sensitize people to operate under the limit of what is normal in the sight of humans and that of Almighty Allah. The paper recommends among others that whoever reads this paper should take it as the duty to communicate the message to those who need it and starting with ones’ family, relatives, neighbours who can also sensitize others.



Excess, Food serving, Ceremony, Islamic Moral Values


Balogun, I. N. & Olokooba, I. N. (2019). Utilizing Islamic Moral Values in Curbing Excesses during Ceremonies. Nigerian Journal of Educational Foundations, 18, 2, 46-56