Effects of sales force on the performance of selected limited manufacturing firms in South-Western Nigeria

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The intense competition in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) subsector of the Nigerian food and beverage industry in recent years has made business firms to tie their performance to the quality and appropriate size of the salesforce. Hiring and manufacturing the right salesforce is one of the most challenging activities in saleforce management because business firm needs to strive to have the right size or number of sales force required to achieve the stated objectives. The objective of this study is to determine the effect of salesforce on firm's performance using listed case study. The study used a combination of simple random and purposive sampling techniques to select three manufacturing firms out of fourteen firms that were in the food and beverage sector of Nigerian Stock Exchange. The study essentially sourced its data from the secondary sources such as relevant and related literature to provide conceptual and theoretical background for the subject matter Nigerian stock exchange. Fact book that provides data on annual reports of the selected firms for ten years. Linear regression was employed as analytical techniques. Findings of the study indicated that there is statistically significant relationship between salesforce and firm's performance and that salesforce size had significant effect on firm's performance. On the basis of this, it was recommended that managements of manufacturing firms in the food and beverage industries should strategically manage the relationship that exists between salesforce size and firms' performance to ensure attainment their firms' stated profit objectives.



Salesforce,, size,, Firm Performance,, Listed firm,, Net Profit