Senior School Teachers Views on Introduction and Implementation of Inclusive Education in Oyo State, Nigeria

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Maritime Management Technology. Federal University of Technology, Owerri


The high rate of Illiteracy especially among children with special needs in Nigeria led to the adoption of Education for all EFA. This study therefore investigated teachers views on introduction and implementation of inclusive education in senior secondary schools in Oyo, Nigeria. The study was a descriptive research of a survey type. A total of 270 senior schools teachers from six Local Government in Oyo State were randomly selected as sample for the study. Researcher designed questionnaire was used to collect data. Four research questions and two hypotheses were raised and generated to guide the study. The four research questions were answered using mead and standard deviation while the hypotheses were tested using t-test and ANOVA. The study revealed that teachers had positive views of inclusive education(mean =3.0). Teachers perceived inadequate knowledge about inclusive education, inadequate resources required for inclusion, inadequate in-service training for teachers and emphasis on syllabus coverage as barriers to implementation of inclusive education (mean= 2.90). Also, there was no significance difference on the views of teachers on inclusive education based on gender t (258)= 1.44 and teaching experience F (3,256) =1.39. Based on the findings from the study, it was recommended that teachers should be adequately trained on the effective implementation on the inclusive education since thy already have positive views of the programme, this can be achieved through capacity building



Views, Implementation, Inclusive Education, Teachers