Enhancing service quality dimensions as means of sustaining customer satisfaction in Nigerian banking industry

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Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion, Pennsylvania,


With the growing knowledge around sustainability concerns, banks are gaining improved service as a result of their participation in sustainable banking efforts. Retaining customers and sustaining long-term customer interest needs to be maintained by enhancing quality services in the banking sector. The study examined the effect of enhancing service quality dimensions on sustaining customer satisfaction. A total of two hundred and fifty (250) customers of Nigerian Banks were given questionnaires. The techniques employed for data analysis include multiple correlation, descriptive analysis, and Multiple Regression. The study’s findings show that there is relationship between enhancing service quality and sustain customer satisfaction. Tangibles, reliability and responsiveness dimensions have significant impact on customer satisfaction. The study concluded that since enhancing service quality dimensions have proved to be an important factors and the driving force behind sustaining customer satisfaction. The study recommends that the management should continue to enhance quality services so as to sustain their customers.



Service quality, Sustainability, Customer expectations, Customer satisfaction, Satisfaction model, Service industry